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Join 38,000 other aviation professionals and passengers, standing together to defend our God-given freedoms.

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"Canadian aviation professionals standing with passengers in defence of freedom"


We acknowledge that by donating to Free to Fly Canada, you are putting a high degree of faith in us as a group. We pledge to honour each of our donors by ensuring all donations are used exclusively to combat vaccine mandates. Furthermore, we pledge to make every effort to act effectively, yet conservatively, in all of our pursuits.


Donations will primarily fund legal actions and fees, as well as social media campaigns. Other critical actions will also include direct lobbying, and lawful public demonstrations. Free to Fly Canada is a registered Not for Profit. Please consider supporting us in this cause.


Class Action Lawsuit

Free to Fly Canada, through retained counsel Umar Sheikh of Sheikh Law, has filed a Class Action lawsuit against the Canadian government on behalf of aviation employees harmed as a result of the vaccination mandates.

Ribbons are ~5cm x 5cm, with safety pin glued to back

Wear or display a blue ribbon, showing your commitment to health freedom and informed consent. This is a vital way for all of us (whether vax'd or unvax'd), to unite around the common love of freedom.


Ribbons come in two styles, one to be worn over clothing, and the other to be affixed to luggage. Clothing ribbons are sold in packs of 3 and 10, respectively. As we are selling the larger luggage ribbons individually, we will only be selling those in conjunction with an order for clothing ribbons. Our goal is simply to cover costs, however any proceeds will be used strictly in the cause of freedom to fly.

When ordering, please bear in mind that this is a "home production team" so some patience may be required. We ask that you calculate the total cost of your order carefully.


Free to Fly airline crew members will be affixing blue ribbons to their luggage, proudly taking the message wherever they travel. Should you see a crew member sporting the blue ribbon, we encourage you to go and say hello.



Along with retained lawyer Umar Sheikh, we are seeking justice for the aviation sector, after a year of coercive mandates. Unions abdicated their responsibility to protect members. Employers intimidated, while ignoring basic rights. This must never happen again.

We will assist as many aviation professionals as possible, including those still employed but coerced into an undesired medical procedure.

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