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For our entire history, Canadians have enjoyed freedom of movement. The advent of powered flight amplified our freedom, and literally gave us wings to explore the world.

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Are you one of the millions of people in Canada who have just lost access to travel because of your vaccine status?

Sign up, and join 2,868 Canadian aviation professionals, and 38,717 passengers, on a mission to make their voices heard in every legislature, court, and board room across Canada. Together, we are a potent force for change.

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Ribbons are ~5cm x 5cm, with safety pin glued to back

Wear or display a blue ribbon, showing your commitment to health freedom and informed consent. This is a vital way for all of us (whether vax'd or unvax'd), to unite around the common love of freedom.


Ribbons come in two styles, one to be worn over clothing, and the other to be affixed to luggage. Clothing ribbons are sold in packs of 3 and 10, respectively. As we are selling the larger luggage ribbons individually, we will only be selling those in conjunction with an order for clothing ribbons. Our goal is simply to cover costs, however any proceeds will be used strictly in the cause of freedom to fly.

When ordering, please bear in mind that this is a "home production team" so some patience may be required. We ask that you calculate the total cost of your order carefully.


Free to Fly airline crew members will be affixing blue ribbons to their luggage, proudly taking the message wherever they travel. Should you see a crew member sporting the blue ribbon, we encourage you to go and say hello.


"You can resolve to live your life with integrity. Let your credo be this: Let the lie come into the world, let it even triumph. But not through me."

- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn












"Canadian aviation professionals standing with passengers in defence of freedom"

We unequivocally support our passengers’ and colleagues’ rights and freedoms, including their freedom to fly, without the need to disclose private personal medical information.


With Free to Fly, we aim to accomplish three goals:

  1. Build a sufficiently large movement, such that maximum economic and political pressure can be exerted on corporations and on government.

  2. Influence the public discourse by leveraging the credibility aviation professionals have in society, with an emphasis on winning the hearts and minds of average Canadians. We do this by growing our visibility, as well as by waging effective social media campaigns.

  3. Wage a legal campaign to block, and/or overturn, all vaccination mandates.


If you are a passenger, or a professional employed in aviation, and you feel strongly that the ability to travel should not be linked to vaccination status, then join the fight to build a movement that is impossible to ignore.

...and join 41,585 others who insist on remaining free to fly.




Is it selfish to refuse to get Covid 19 vaccination? Selfishness is acting in one’s own interest at the expense of others. So, let’s imagine some people did have legitimate reasons for not getting a vaccine.

What if forcing these people to get vaccinated anyway actually took something fundamental from them? What if doing so was an infraction against each and every one of us? What if freedom means having the the ability to make one’s own medical decisions, even if they happen to be the "wrong" ones? What if a love of freedom was the only thing that could unify every human being? What if the old idea of our ancestors’, that freedom requires sacrifice, was actually a law of nature?

If any of these prove true, then informed consent and health freedom are sacred rights that must be respected. Those that have defended this right, at the expense of their careers, are sacrificing much of who they are in order to attempt to defend freedom. They are motivated by a deep love for humanity and from the desire to live in a free society. Could this possibly be selfish? 

In the end, the love of freedom is the only thing that can unify us all. So please, stand with us, as we stand up for you. Together, we are a potent force for change. Join us in this fight, your support is essential.


We acknowledge that by donating to Free to Fly Canada, you are putting a high degree of faith in us as a group. We pledge to honour each of our donors by ensuring all donations are used exclusively to combat vaccine mandates. Furthermore, we pledge to make every effort to act effectively, yet conservatively, in all of our pursuits.


Donations will primarily fund legal actions and fees, as well as social media campaigns. Other critical actions will also include direct lobbying, and lawful public demonstrations. Free to Fly Canada is a registered Not for Profit. Please consider supporting us in this cause.

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