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Declare Your Courage

I declare all that follows, calling out as a lie the societal claim that change is impossible. It begins with me:

  • I will not speak, sign, write, or repeat in any forum or on any platform, anything that is not, as far as I know, the truth;

  • I will, where opportunity presents, and in spite of the cost, speak out against lies;

  • I will stand alone if need be, knowing that freedom is “the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it.” (Pericles)

  • I will not repeat nor support radically progressive, popularized ideological mantras. I will walk out of state, corporate or privately enforced indoctrinations on the same;

  • I will not acquiesce to the state’s violation of my God-given freedoms of speech, worship, conscience and bodily autonomy;

  • I will persevere in the face of threats to livelihood, status or reputation, in spite of the pain or my own self-doubt;

  • I will, where opportunity presents, support with my words, actions and finances, those similarly convicted of this need for a relentless commitment to truth, freedom and conscience.

All this I undertake, knowing I may suffer loss of the fragile constructs of social status, comfort and ‘safety’. I am willing to do so, in exchange for the far superior and lasting bedrock of truth upon which our futures and freedom (and that of our children) must be grounded.