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“To unite people through one of the most cherished freedoms of modern civilization – the freedom to travel great distances safely, quickly, and in comfort.”

We are a group of aviation professionals and passengers, who passionately believe in the right to travel freely. As such, we are ardent defenders of people’s right to explore the world, without the threat of arbitrary limitations, such as vaccination status.


We believe personal autonomy is among the highest aspirations of every human being. For this to be realized, we must avoid unnecessary societal obligations, especially in the context of one’s health.


We believe the most stable, robust, and safe forms of societal order emerge when individuals make decisions for themselves, based on their own personal circumstances and interests, and with no interference.


Conversely, we believe top-down order imposed upon people tends to be destructive. History shows that systems formed around this philosophy are temporary and unstable, because they require the forfeiture of essential individual liberties.


We believe science is not an institution, but instead is a process for discovering truths that are not immediately self-evident. Such a process is necessarily adversarial and must welcome all points of view in order to benefit humanity.


We believe there is sufficient data to accurately measure the health outcomes of regions that did not impose COVID-19 restrictions, against those regions that did. This data indicates that many regions without restrictions fared just as well as those with restrictions, and in some cases, fared even better.


We believe COVID-19 does not exceed the types of threats humans have traditionally accepted when choosing to live in a society. Restricting the ability to travel freely in the name of COVID-19, therefore, can no longer be legally or morally justified.


We believe in the timeless and universal truth espoused by the The Nuremberg Code, articulated after the brutal medical atrocities of World War II:

Every human being of adult years and sound mind has a right to determine what shall be done with his own body


We believe the ability to make informed medical decisions is an essential aspect of freedom, legally established in the right to life, liberty, and security of the person. It is vital for a safe, equitable, and functional society.


We believe it is not possible to provide informed consent when a medical decision is being coloured by the threat of a loss of liberty, or by restrictions to one’s ability to function in society.


We believe a robust airline industry is good for society because it serves to unite the world, and we are committed to ensuring its continued vitality.


We especially believe passengers who travel on Canadian airlines are sufficiently intelligent and responsible to make the right medical choices for themselves, and we passionately support their right to do so.


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