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Free to Fly Canada is a non-profit which allows aviation professionals and passengers to speak out against vaccine mandates with a unified voice. 


It was started by two airline pilots, each with significant experience and impeccable safety records. They felt strongly that everyone should make their own choice about vaccination, without external threat or pressure. Given this right applies equally to passengers and to aviation professionals, they reasoned that protecting passenger rights was first and foremost. This is no different to the sense of duty that flight crews feel towards passengers who set foot on their aircraft.


Free to Fly was born when groups of other aviation professionals agreed to rally around this cause. The group rapidly grew to nearly 3,000 Canadian aviation professionals, and 35,000 passengers, all who passionately believe in medical freedom. Many of these aviation professionals are now unemployed, due to their own medical choices.


We unequivocally support the rights and freedoms of all Canadians, including their freedom to fly, without the need to disclose private personal medical information. We are gravely concerned over the dark trajectory emerging from policy precedents in regards to Covid-19. Without a dramatic about face, they will, undoubtedly, result in a society in which none of us want to live.


With Free to Fly, we aim to accomplish three goals:

  1. Build a sufficiently large movement, such that meaningful economic and political pressure can be exerted on corporations and on government.

  2. Influence the public discourse by leveraging the credibility aviation professionals have in society, with an emphasis on winning the hearts and minds of average Canadians. We do this by growing our visibility, waging effective social media campaigns, and engaging the culture within our individual spheres of influence

  3. Wage a legal campaign to block, and/or overturn, all vaccination mandates.

We are keen to speak with anyone who is willing to share their platform with us. We welcome intelligent and open discourse, and look forward to sharing our message with your audience.

Co-Founders Bios

Greg Hill

Greg’s aviation dream was born at age 13 and he’s spent 30 years flying, first in the military (with multiple deployments around the world) then with a major Canadian airline, which sidelined him from flying and threatened termination in 2021 over health freedom. Greg is passionate about his faith, our God-given freedoms and the responsibilities inherent in each, which lead to the founding and co-directing of Free to Fly.



Matt Sattler

Matt is an airline pilot with over 10,000 hours, mostly flying large jets, in a career that has spanned some 17 years. Flying was a boyhood dream of his, and he successfully turned it into a career with a major Canadian airline. Matt and his wife work at the same airline, and are both unvaccinated. For this, he was poised to be terminated from his job in 2021. Matt's sole ambition is to re-establish freedom in Canada.

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