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Transport Canada and Aviation Safety


86 days later, Mr. Alghabra finally responded to our detailed questions on aviation safety.

Compared to the wait for Canadian passports, or pilots’ medical sign-offs, Mr. Alghabra might be pleased with his “quick” reply. Unfortunately, he failed to answer a single question, instead pasting nothing more than trite, Liberal speaking points.

We will persevere with Transport Canada. The future of aviation safety in Canada demands no less.

Alghabra Reply
Download PDF • 103KB

UPDATE JULY 21, 2022:

Free to Fly, along with our Global Aviation Advocacy Coalition (GAAC) partners sent an important inquiry to Transport Canada, on June 6th, 2022. Six weeks later, no reply (or even an acknowledgement) has been received. This silence continues while aviation and airports in Canada are in concerning disarray.

We are seeking answers to critical questions of aviation safety, so a follow-up letter has now been sent (below). We trust replies are forthcoming from the regulator we look to for guidance as the backstop to Canadian aviation safety.

Transport Canada Second Letter
Download PDF • 351KB

Please take the time to email any or all of the following addressees on our letter. Express your concern as a Canadian citizen and voter, and your interest in a prompt reply.

Omar Alghabra, Minister of Transport:

Michael Keenan, Deputy Minister, Transport Canada:

Arun Thangaraj, Associate Deputy Minister, Transport Canada:

Kevin Brosseau, Assistant Deputy Minister, Safety and Security, Transport Canada:

Aaron J McCrorie, Associate Assistant Deputy Minister, Safety & Security, Transport Canada:

Alain Langlois, Senior General Counsel and Executive Director, Justice Canada:

Jacqueline Roy, Director General, Communications, Transport Canada:



Free to Fly Canada, along with twelve Global Aviation Advocacy Coalition (GAAC) member organizations, are asking vital questions of Canada's transportation regulator, Transport Canada (TC), and the Minister of Transport, Omar Alghabra and staff.

The mission of the thousands represented by GAAC is the safe and secure transportation of our passengers and crew. Our inquiry is geared toward that end, and we trust Transport Canada can collaborate with us in that mission.


Transport Canada Letter
Download PDF • 421KB

Please communicate your interest in having these questions answered: Transport Canada Contact Information

The GAAC's founding global statement can be found here:

Global Coalition Statement Pilot Vaccine Injury
Download PDF • 441KB


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