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The question of 'What now?'

With mandates suspended, many of our Free to Fly supporters are back to work, but many others are still on unpaid leave or were outright fired. No matter your employment status (no small matter), we know many of you are frustrated and weary. We honour your perseverance and convictions. Thank you for standing shoulder-to-shoulder in this fight against tyranny and for freedom. Last week I had the opportunity to sit down with Drew Weatherhead, on his Social Disorder podcast (link below) and discuss some of this. We also touched on the very frustrating 'mootness ruling' that saw travel mandate court challenges thrown out. We wrestled with the question of 'What now?'. Part of that discussion brought up my views on how we affect change in a nation where the underpinnings of democracy, if not broken, are badly worn. Over the past months, I distilled my thoughts on this into a declaration I'd quietly posted on our website, a few weeks ago (link below). Why 'quietly'? Well, it doesn't trend like rallies, flags, or social media with its memes. It's a blunt call to lifelong action. It's a demand to determine what is right, and then act, standing by those convictions no matter the cost. Our accelerating slide towards statist control will never be entirely reversed via politicians, lawyers, or courts. These outsourced means are unable to summon the power of thousands of resolute acts of individual, daily courage. Society's claim that change is impossible is a lie. It begins with you. Greg


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