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Statement: Suspension of Mandates

For over a month, Free to Fly has heard talk related to mandates dropping, and most of you saw 12 straight hours of planned leaks, overnight. A formal announcement was just made and the discriminatory, unscientific and cruel Liberal travel mandates will be repealed, effective June 20th. The same day, mandates for federally regulated transport workers and federal public servants will also be suspended (the Treasury Board president actually used that word in response to a question). Those who refused to comply, standing for their God-given freedoms, will once again be travelling and working. This is a clear victory (with imposed conditions remaining, such as masking and inbound quarantines for the unjabbed). Bravo! You were all integral in shifting the narrative which has been Free to Fly's main focus. Fighting back against the culture grew into pressure that could not be ignored by Trudeau and his Liberals. Government's ugly, unquenchable thirst for power has been on full display these past couple years. Even in their just completed press briefing, they made a point to threaten reinstatement and formally state their lack of any regret for crushing freedoms, and ignoring the conscience rights and bodily autonomy of the citizens they serve. This dark season helps reinforce an important maxim; true change only comes about through tenacity, courage, and the relentless pursuit of truth by principled men and women. Across our nation, you refused to give up on freedom and fought for our fragile democracy. We feel no ‘gratitude’ towards an emboldened state for ceasing to violate God-given freedoms. We must never forget our recent travails, cannot be lulled into complacency and must continue putting major pressure on government and industry. This is abundantly obvious with Trudeau's government openly threatening reinstatement of mandates with any "new variant". Suspension of this one violation of liberty (among many others) does not erase other dark initiatives nor does it rectify the harms unleashed over the past year. This includes breathtaking compromise and total loss of trust in entire sectors, ones meant to be impartial guardians of health and safety. We will continue to pursue them, insisting on uncompromising standards in our industry and the assurance we never again go down this road of medical segregation. Thank you for being tireless during trying times. We look forward to leading in this ongoing battle for a truly free and democratic world.


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