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  • At least 6 million Canadians are unvaccinated

  • 90% of Canadians live within 100 miles of the US border

  • Canadians spend upwards of 18 Billion annually in the US, but this ban on the unjabbed has suspended spending power for many at small businesses, shipping outlets, restaurants, and accommodations.

  • POTUS Proclamation indefinite

  • All foreigners must be vaccinated for entry to US by land or air

  • The US is one of only 30 countries worldwide, along with China, Pakistan, and some African nations that maintain vaccination restrictions (as of January 9, 2023). The only Western country in the world to retain restrictions.

  • US border restrictions separate many families

Reach Out To (links at bottom of page):

  • US State Senators

  • Congressmen whose congressional district is along the border (see maps linked under each state name below)

  • Chambers of Commerce of US border towns to reach out to congressmen and senators

  • Mayors of US border towns to reach out to congressmen and senators

  • Lobby groups

  • Podcasters

DHS and CBP Notification related to entry by land. (implements Presidential Proclamation, no expiry date)

CDC Order related to entry by air. (implements Presidential Proclamation, no expiry date)


Sample Letter

Hello Mayor Smith,

I'm hoping to draw your attention to the fact that the US border remains closed to unvaccinated foreigners.

I live in Anytown, BC and would love to spend my hard-earned money in Anytowne, WA, and other Washington towns which are so close to me geographically. However, I cannot enter the US because of my COVID vaccine status. This is because of a US Presidential Order, and has nothing to do with the Government of Canada. Would you be willing to raise awareness of this issue to your town council and to your Congressional representative? Most Americans do not know that their border remains closed. This order is affecting Anytown and other northern communities negatively.

A few facts to help raise awareness:

  • the current POTUS order (see link below) was put into effect on April 22, 2022, which requires all foreigners to show proof of vaccination upon entry by land or air to the United States of America

  • this order is indefinite and has no expiry date

  • only 30 countries in the world still have proof of vaccination requirements for entry, among those are China, Pakistan, and some African nations. The United State of America is one of the 30.

  • Canada, shockingly, dropped their entry requirements for proof of vaccination for non-citizens on June 21, 2022, before the US.

  • at least 6 million Canadians remain unvaccinated

  • 90% of Canadians live within 100 miles of the US border and many of us want to shop, do business, visit, and play in the US

Please help us draw awareness to the fact that many Canadians cannot enter the US because of your government's vaccine requirements for foreigners. This order remains in effect even though the CDC has declared that vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals are to be regarded as equal insofar as their ability to transmit and contract the virus.

Not only do unvaccinated Canadians want to spend their hard-earned money in America, but many cross-border families remain separated, which is terribly sad.

Thank you for whatever you can do to draw attention to this matter, and please don't hesitate to give me a call if you'd like further clarification.


Susie Maple


Anytown, BC


List of Senators by State:

Find Senators by State and Congresspersons in Respective Districts:

Alaska - Murkowski, Lisa, Repub; Sullivan, Dan, Repub; + 1 Congresswoman

Washington State - Maria Cantwell, Dem; Murray, Patty, Dem; + 10 Congresspersons

Idaho - Crapo, Mike, Repub; Risch, James, Repub; + 2 Congressmen

Montana - Daines, Steve, Repub; Tester, Jon, Dem; + 1 Congressman

North Dakota - Cramer, Kevin, Repub; Hoeven, John, Repub; + 1 Congressman

Minnesota - Klobuchar, Amy, Dem; Smith, Tina, Dem; + 8 Congresspersons

Wisconsin - Baldwin, Tammy, Dem; Johnson, Ron, Repub; + 8 Congressmen

Michigan - Peters, Gary, Dem; Stabenow, Debbie, Dem; + 14 Congresspersons

Ohio - Brown, Sherrod, Dem; Portman, Rob, Repub; + 16 Congresspersons

New York - Gillibrand, Kirsten, Dem; Schumer, Charles, Dem; + 27 Congresspersons

Vermont - Leahy, Patrick, Dem; Sanders, Bernard, Ind; + 1 Congressman

New Hampshire - Hassan, Margaret, Dem; Shaaheen, Jeanne, Dem; + 2 Congresspersons

Maine - Collins, Susan, Rep; King, Angus, Ind; + 2 Congresspersons


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