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As we head into this special weekend and towards the end of another year, it's hard not to ponder the ups and downs. We saw important (perhaps temporary) victories, like the suspension of travel mandates and ArriveCan. Many of our passengers and aviation professionals went back to work. These were a direct result of principled individuals, like you, relentlessly acting on their convictions. We're honoured by your trust and support and are proud to stand with all of you. We must all continue the same in the year ahead.

In parallel with these victories, we're unfortunately witnessing renewed dedication from the shameless globalists pushing their anti-human authoritarian agendas. Pair with that our Canadian government's apparent desire to lead that charge while adding their own aggressive devaluing of human life.

Where do we find hope, when our actions seem to have limited immediate impact? It cannot be in cold vengeance, nor in ostrich-like oblivion to the world around us.

Given my Christian faith, this season is one where I reflect on simplicity (a challenge, as modern Christmas has become anything but), sacrifice, and redemption.

So again, how do we find redeeming hope and effect change? We triumph over darkness by refusing to be beaten down or demoralized. We redeem each day, reducing the suffering around us by being the best parent, friend, spouse, child, or sibling we can be. We put simple hard work into raising families of resilient, courageous critical thinkers. We sacrificially care for the hurting and become hands of mercy for ageing parents, friends, and neighbours.

We can shine as beacons of light and agents of change, inspiring those around us to lives of courage, sacrifice, commitment, and faith - solid foundations for a hope-filled future.

To be abundantly alive is to understand true value. The things we quantify in dollars and cents are worthless compared to living out God-given freedoms openly and without state interference.

We will likely be called to difficult moments in the year ahead and I look forward to facing them, emboldened knowing I'm surrounded by all of you - an amazing crowd of freedom lovers!

Matt and I, and our families, wish you a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!



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